Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment Options

Hip - Knee - Shoulder  - Hand & Wrist - Foot & Ankle - Elbow - Tendons 

About Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is the most widely used stem-cell therapy (PRP), but advanced therapies derived from Amniotic Fluid which studies have shown to have greater clinical results. ReNew Men's Health Clinic offers both PRP and Amniotic Injections.

Are You A Candidate?

You might be a candidate for stem cell injections if you have arthritis, tendonitis, or some other musculoskeletal injury that is taking a long time to heal. In general, it will be up to your provider to guide you in deciding if stem cell injections are the right treatment option for you.

How Long Will It Take to Recover From A Stem Cell Injection?

Every patient will respond differently and some conditions may require more than one injection therapy - this will depend on the degree of severity or degeneration.

It is important to understand that stem cell injections are not indicated for immediate pain relief. In fact, your pain is likely to increase following the injection. If the injection is successful, you will hopefully experience more rapid healing of the injury than normal. 

Make sure to protect your injured joint or tendon and minimize use of the extremity or joint to allow for maximum healing. 

Continue your carefully constructed rehabilitation plan and be patient; stem cell injections do not cure injuries overnight and can take weeks to repair damaged tissues.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Stem Cell Injections are minimally invasive. 

Amniotic Injections usually take only a few minutes. 

PRP injection therapy require patient blood, which is then centrifuged to separate the patients cells - once the cells are separated they are then injected into the site of injury. PRP injections can take up to 30mins or less.

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